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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


How sweet it is to get a little redemption after last season’s embarrassing 0-3 showing against the cowgirls? The Eagles defense was a little concerning for me and I’ll get to that but let’s start with Dallas’ complete inability to cover DeSean Jackson and stop LeSean McCoy.

DeSean Jackson’s 210 yard receiving performance had those rednecks on their heels all night. During one of my every other Saturday guest appearances on ESPN Radio South Jersey 97.3’s The Tyrone Johnson Show, Tyrone asked me how the Eagles could get DeSean Jackson back involved with this offense.

I had told him Dallas’ secondary is weak and the Eagles would go deep to DeSean on the first play of the game. Well for those of you who listened in and heard that, WALA! Two hundred ten yards later, 91 of which was delivered on one explosive play in the 4th quarter capped off what in my opinion was a beautiful display of show boating to rub salt in an already open wound.

For all intents and purposes the game was over after DeSean took the Nestea plunge into the Cowboys end zone.

The 91 yard scamper wasn’t without its challenges since Jackson is nursing an ankle injury. After the game DeSean was asked about the ankle and said that it was at 60% during the big touchdown run.

Yet another middle finger pointed straight at Dallas and I love every second of it.

Take LeSean McCoys 149 yards rushing, half of which were on the Birds’ final four minute clock killing drive and the cowgirls had lost all control over that game.

LeSean McCoy has really impressed me this season with the way he has turned himself into an every down back with the ability to hit the hole hard and fast. He really seems to be the engine that makes this team go.

Just when the offense seemed to be starting to flat line in the second half Shady broke a 56 yard run that reignited this offense into the machine they have been all season. Much like the 50 yard touchdown run he had against the Giants three weeks ago.

This type of production out of the second year back shows how much he has matured over his short time in the NFL and has no problem filling the large shoes Brian Westbrook has left behind. Michael Vick has to be thrilled to know that he has a nail driver like Shady McCoy that can carve up a Dallas defense and eat up the clock.

With all the stuff Michael Vick has to smile about right now I’m sure it’s nice to have a distraction from the lack attention he’s getting from not only the referee’s but also the league.

Last night DeMarcus Ware hit him helmet-to-helmet from his blind which sandwiched him into another helmet-to-helmet hit from his other side. What happened after the play? Nothing! Any fines handed out today? Nope! Of course Mr. Goodell was working today levying a fine to the Jets’ Sal Alosi. Let’s hope he was just too busy with how stupid Sal Alosi is for tripping Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll from the sideline.

We haven’t gotten there yet but Sal you definitely earned an honorable mention, C’mon SON!

If Roger Goodell doesn’t fine DeMarcus Ware for that hit and Anthony Spencer for the late hit also on Michael Vick tossing him into his own bench after he had already stepped out of bounds which also went without a penalty being called, Eagles24x7 is going to organize a trip to Goodell’s office so we can all collectively scream C’mon SON! and fart into his coffee!

Both of those plays were a disgrace! The NFL has turned this defenseless player call into a pathetic and highly inconsistent witch hunt. It is pretty clear that the league employs a collection of lame ass empty suit Goodell suck-ups who cannot be objective about Vick and his checkered past.

So there you have it Eagles fans, my “Ed Lover C’mon SON!” of The Week goes to the NFL’s front office and referee’s.

Get your heads out of your asses and start paying attention to what’s happening on the field. You’re being paid a handsome salary to call these games in an honest and fair matter and you morons are about as objective as that Philadelphia hating retard Chris Chase.

C’mon SON! Do your job!

Finally let me touch on the defense quickly because it is an area of concern…

Now they did enough to win but I’m sick of teams making John Kitna look good. He’s a hair away from having an AARP card accompanying his NFL players card and that hair is about the only one he has left. Someone get in there and embarrass him the last week of the season please. He’s a backup who only had a starting job in Detroit because it was Detroit and they couldn’t buy a winning season.

The Eagles losing Stewart Bradley for potentially the season and Brandon Graham definitely for the season certainly won’t help to the addition of the numerous injuries this team has suffered. Sean McDermont must find a way to not only tighten up this red zone defense which is the NFL’s worst but also do a better job of getting off the field on third down.

I’m not saying the defense did a bad job but this is Dallas.

I want to see a blood bath massacre!

Good enough against the Cowboys, well just isn’t good enough for me.

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