Inside the Ravens with Aaron Wilson

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Can the youthful Birds dance in January?

Number 29, LeSean McCoy right?

Number 54, The Axe Man right?


Move aside veterans, wait what veterans? That's right everyone, it is the dawn of a new day. Bye bye McNabb, Westbrook, Brown and Trotter. Hello Kolb, McCoy, Allen and Sims.

Yes, it's only preseason but I don't have too many complaints. Nate Allen seems to be very smart and adapting to the NFL faster than any other rookie the birds have had.

And speaking of fast, Ernie Sims is hands down the fastest LB Andy Reid has ever coached in Philadelphia. Kevin Kolb is as accurate as promised and Shady McCoy has a year under his belt now and was by no means a disappointment last season.

Everything appears to be looking up, but the division winning Cowboys have improved. We are all very well aware of the moves the Skins have made. The Giants...... C'mon Son! You're bringing up the rear!

So, with the Cowboys and Redskins in a position to win the division where does that leave the Eagles?

In third?

Don't be so sure.

Obviously anything can happen however it is interesting to think about the significant upgrades the birds have made. Let's look at all the problems from last season. LB, Stewart Bradley appears to be healthy and looking good and Ernie Sims is here and has really made an impact in camp. S, Nate Allen, Anthony Scirrotto and Kurt Coleman aren't really proven in the NFL yet but have to be a better option than Macho Harris and Quintin Demps. OL, The biggest problem there last year were injuries and with Todd Herremans and Jamal Jackson fresh off the PUP list things are looking good on the OL.

Outside of that the Eagles had a pretty solid squad last season. If all these kids can band together with some chemistry we are looking at some very solid years of football here in Philly.

So let's break it down, Prediction time: You heard it here first.

The Philadelphia Eagles will go 9-7 and that will be enough to take the wildcard spot into the playoffs.